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ArtikelGeorge Seddon and Karl Marx: Nature and Second Nature  
Oleh: Beilharz, Peter
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Thesis Eleven vol. 74 no. 1 (Agu. 2003), page 21–34.
Topik: George Seddon; Karl Marx; nature; place; romanticism; second nature
Fulltext: 21TE741.pdf (98.33KB)
Isi artikelNature and society are dichotomized in much discussion in critical theory or science, largely because of the want of a satisfactory way to connect or combine the problems and prospects involved. Yet the interconnection is nowhere more apparent than in the idea of the social or cultural, or capitalism as second nature. This article, developed from the opening lecture for the Thesis Eleven Conference 'Landprints Over Boundaries: in Honour of George Seddon', compares Marx and Seddon on nature and second nature, in order to suggest points of contact and traffic between Seddon's project and that of critical theory, not least with reference to problems of place and the peculiarities of the antipodes. How to connect the two? Marx shifts from the anthropological and historical to the more abstract concerns with capital as second nature; Seddon remains more inquisi-tive, empirical, though comparative and cosmopolitan in nature. Reading the two projects together is an interesting exercise in orientation for critical theory today.
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