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ArtikelDaily Routines and Crime Using Routine Activities as Measures of Hirschi's Involvement  
Oleh: Hawdon, James E.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Youth & Society vol. 30 no. 4 (Jun. 1999), page 395-415.
Topik: Daily Routines; Crime; Hirschi' involvement; delinquency; criminal activity
Fulltext: 395YAS304.pdf (58.09KB)
Isi artikelSince 1969, Travis Hirschi's control theory has been one of the leading explanations of delinquency. The theory has withstood not only the test of time but also rigorous empirical investigations. Although his theory has been generally supported, Hirschi's concept of involvement has been criticized as being, at best, analytically indistinguishable fromcommitment and, at worst, unrelated to delinquent behavior. However, when reconceptualized as daily routine patterns, involvement is a powerful predictor of criminal activity.
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