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ArtikelDesigning Pathways for Self Access Center  
Oleh: Setiawaty, V. Aniek
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Magister Scientiae no. 10 (Oct. 2001), page 152.
Topik: learner autonomy; self-access materials; pathways; self-access center
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Isi artikelSelf-Access Center is a system that makes materials available for its students so that they can choose to work as they wish. As a bank of materials, it gives freedom for the students to roam and explore various learning materials with or without teacher's assistance. In this self-directed situation, students have more autonomy and responsibility in their own learning. However in such a situation, they may lose directions in choosing the materials. Thus the students need pathways as a guideline to direct themselves to choose the appropriate materials. Pathways have the capacity to provide routes to make connection between materials so that the real power of self-access center is unlocked. Furthermore they direct the students not just through one textbook or worksheet, but through hundreds or thousands of them, the creation of entire webs of such pathways can be designed theough either rotational or linear pathways. in desinging the pathways, the designers should firstly decide which macro approach and pathway focus to apply and then decide the level of self-access materials used in the patway whether it is elementary, intermediate or advanced. Keeping the pathway's format simple and clear is the final step to take, The abbreviations of textbooks, self-access materials, the study skills and language components used in the pathway should be easy to follow. With the creation of pathways, the self-access center students are expected to learn in an autonomous made and enable.....
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