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ArtikelKebudayaan Populer Amerika: Peluang dan Tantangan  
Oleh: Kosasih, Is Karyono
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Widya: Majalah Ilmiah vol. 17 no. 182 (Nop. 2000), halaman 3.
Topik: Tantangan; Peluang; Kebudayaan Populer Amerika
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Isi artikelAmerica was a super power has influenced other countries in the world through populer culture. Such as examples : Films, songs, entertainment, foods, fashions, style of life, ets. We did not realize that cultural imperializm from America has changed our behaviour, attitude, personality, style of life and also our mind as if American peoples. We purchased popular culture of America that means we were consumers and America as a producer. We spent a lot of money and devisa, but on the otherside America got a lot of money and devisa and also big profit from us. We have to overcome this problem by supporting and protection our culture. The finally, we must sell popular culture of Indonesia to others countries in the world. Examples : gado-gado, teh botol sosro, ayam goreng Ny, Suharti, rokok gudang garam, etc. We have to develop innovaton, creativity, modern technology, management skill, etc. if we read to accept competition with the all aspects above in global market, through SWOT analysis we also have opportunity to sell popular culture of Indonesia to others countries in the world.
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