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ArtikelA critical evaluation of the randomized response method : Applications, validation, and research agenda  
Oleh: Peterson, Robert A. ; Umesh, U.N.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Sociological Methods & Research (SMR) vol. 20 no. 01 (Aug. 1991), page 104-138.
Topik: Application; Randomized response method
Fulltext: UMESH-104-38; Bernard.pdf (2.89MB)
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Isi artikelWarner (1965) introduced the Randomized Response Method (RRM) 20 years ago. This method has been advocated as a useful tool in eliciting sensitive information. Much of the early research focused on various parameter estimation methods. This article provides a comprehensive review of applications of the randomized response method with emphasis on recent publications, identifies issues now being studied, and suggests future research directions. As such, the article addresses method validation, respondent jeopardy, and new applications. In so doing, the method is considered in the broad context of obtaining responses to sensitive questions. Judging by the number of articles published, randomized response method continues to be of interest in numerous and diverse disciplines.
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