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ArtikelStrategi Menyongsong Era Perdagangan Bebas ASEAN Tahun 2003  
Oleh: Erni, Rifana
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Hukum Bisnis vol. 22 no. 1 (2003), page 13-18.
Topik: era perdagangan bebas; era perdagangan bebas; ASEAN
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Isi artikelEffective as of january 1st, 2003 within the area of ASEAN country are going to execute 0% - 5% tariff of goods for trading from ASEAN member country and there should not longer exist non - tariff barriers. Ready or not, the decision has to be taken into action in each member country, because the implementation mechanism of ASEAN free trade has been gradually executed since 1993 through CEPT scheme (Common Effective Preferential Tariff) which is a program to reduce tariff from 1993 till 2003 to be 0% - 5%. For efficient producers with quality of products, ASEAN free market is business opportunity to broaden their market shares over ASEAN coutnries that are inhabited by around half of billion people. Eventually the existence of product bases on free market rule mechanism, consumer will select quality goods with a competitive price. Key success factor lays on the quality of goods and efficiency in the use of scare resources, proffesionalism of human resource, ease access and cheap in source of financing, also wide marketing network, In the contrary, inefficient producers and low quality products sooner or later will fade out from the competition. Looking at the hostory of indonesia nation over thirty - two years under new order regime, on the one hand there are growing protectionism culture amongst producers that depend upon government protection over their products through subsidized scheme, tariff and non - tariff barriers. On the other hand there are growing hign consumerism culture amongst many indonesian that prefer foreign product to domestic, as the result they are looking down at domestic products. The question is what are we capable to compete in the era of ASEAN free market in the 2003 ? To face with sixth other ASEAN country we can handle them, but to compete with singapore, thailand and malaysia even only at the paper seems to be impossible. Let's proof together in the 2003 !
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