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ArtikelFamily - Related Allocentrism and HIV Risk Behavior in Central and Eastern Europe  
Oleh: Goodwin, Robin ; Realo, Anu
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ( vol. 34 no. 6 (Nov. 2003), page 690-701.
Topik: ALLOCENTRISM; allocentric attitudes; HIV risk behaviour; perceived vulnerability to HIV / AIDS
Fulltext: 690.pdf (103.5KB)
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Isi artikelThe recent rapid spread of HIV infection in eastern europe raises important questions about the role of individual attitudes in the prediction and control of this epidemic. This article examine sthe relationship of family - related allocentrism (familism) to HIV risk behaviour and perceived vulnerability to HIV / AIDS across five central and eastern european countries. Respondents completed questionnaires measuring allocantric attitudes, giving information about sexual activity during the previous 6 months and perceived vulnerability to HIV infection. As predicted, those scoring high on familism were more conservative in their sexual behaviour, with this finding largely consistent across all five cultures and two different occupation groups. An analysis of the relationship between familism and perceived vulnerability to HIV / AIDS revealed a more complex patterns of findings that highlights the need to account for the individual's previous HIV risk behaviour when trying to predict perceived vulnerability to HIV / AIDS from personality attributes and attitudes.
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