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ArtikelOn Pursuing Project Success : An Exploratory Study on The Balancing Strategy and Tactics in Construction Project  
Oleh: Mayasari, Iin ; Ciptono, Wakhid Slamet
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: International Journal of Business vol. 4 no. 2 (May 2002), page 177-204.
Topik: SUCCESS; Big Q; effectiveness; efficiency; enterprise project managemet (EPM); project success; strategy; tactics; total quality program management (TQPM)
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Isi artikelThis study investigates the dual importance of the balancing strategy and tactics dimensions in project success. It uses a replica study of pinto and slevin and also pinto and covin's concepts of critical project success factors of their researches in 1987 and in 1989 with a modification. The project sample is construction projects. All projects are executed in jogyakarta, indonesia. The big construction firms in central java handle the projects. They have started to apply for the certificate of ISO 9001 . 9902. Therefore, in the project implementation, they have to implement some quality principles (such as TQM) in order to achieve total client or stakeholder satisfaction. In this study, clients and project managers are chosen as the representative respondents. The questionnaire is distributed to clients and project managers of the projects. The number of selected projects was 13. The average number of clients who were activel involved in one project was 5. The frequency rate for response was 50 (83,3%). The average number of project managers as the respondents for one project was average number of project managers as the respondents for one project was 5. The frequency rate for response was 57 (81,4%). These response rates were good because the questionnaires were collected immediately after they were completed (an interview research methodology). The research outcome showed that some independent variables of critical success factor become the determinants for project success with strategy and tactics dimensions. Project mission, client satisfaction and client acceptance variables were significantly affecting the projet success with the strategy dimensions. Meanwhile, schedule, technical task and communication variables were significantly affecting project success with the tactics dimensions. It was proven that top management, monitoring and feedback and trouble shooting variables, were insignificantly affecting project success with the tactics dimensions. Based on the pinto and slevin's strategy / tactics effectiveness matrix, projects are in the cell 4. It means that the project strategy is effectively developed but subsequent tactics are ineffective (inefficient). The researchers would expect projects in this cell to have a strong tendency towars "errors of inaction" such as low acceptance and low use by clients for whom projects were intended (potential for type I error not taking an action when one should be taken and type IV error addressing the right problem, but the solution is not used or effective but not efficient). On pursuing project sucess, it is important to make strategy and tactics working together - effective and efficient. In addition, enterprise project managers should consider to implement the Big Q paradigm. The Big Q paradigm (the trial and success of TQM) is a vigorous rebirth of quality ideals and trial and success methods as these are applied with even greater passion and commitment than often was the case of the TQM faikure in the past. In addition to adopting the Big Q paradigm, project success or enterprise project management (EPM) needs the integration between TQM and reengineering approaches into a total quality program management (TQPM) model. This integration approach or a TQPM model requires significant project organizational system, cultural and behavioural changes to be successful.
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