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ArtikelGlobalization and human security in southest asia.  
Oleh: Abad, M.C.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: The Indonesian Quarterly vol. 32 no. 01 (2004), page 86-97.
Topik: economic liberalization; southest asia; Globalization; human security; asia
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Isi artikelMost policy makers today are no longer concerned abaut the value of economic liberalization and interdependence in the maintenance of piece and security among nations, but on the ability of nations in managing the ensuing new power relations and the social impact of economic change as a result of globalization. Spesific challenges arising from globalization include among others: (1) the different levels and pace of economic growth; (2) itensifying Competition fo markets and resources among nations; and, (3) "the challenge within" -- the social impact of globalization or what some have referred to as the public pupose of integration. This article will focus on the third challenge.
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