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ArtikelA Study of Consumer Continuance Intention to Adopt Mobile Payment Application in Indonesia  
Oleh: Sijabat, Rosdiana
Jenis: Article from Books
Dalam koleksi: Handbook of Research on Innovation and Development of E-Commerce and E-Business in ASEAN, page 435.
Fulltext: Ch 22 Rosdiana Sijabat.pdf (1.32MB)
Isi artikelThis study investigates the factors that determine user intention to continue using mobile payment application, taking as its case an Indonesian application called OVO. It applies the technology acceptance model by examining continuance intention to use (CITU) of OVO, economic value, satisfaction, gender difference, and perceived risk as the constructs. This study finds that economic value is significant predictor of CITU, but of a lower magnitude when the application was perceived as having a high level of risk. Satisfaction was significantly associated with CITU, particularly amongst users who perceived OVO as having a high level of risk. Although economic value and satisfaction influenced CITU amongst both male and female respondents, their influence was greatest amongst the former.
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