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ArtikelTu as’that’ or ‘the’: appositive construction in Manado Malay  
Oleh: Pakasi, Jenny Hilda ; Robot, Kevin Yeremia
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: KOLITA 17: Konferensi Linguistik Tahunan Atma Jaya Ketujuh Belas Tingkat Internasional, page 231-234.
Topik: appositive; phrase; tagmemics; Manado Malay
Fulltext: 231-234.Jenny Hilda Pakasi, Kevin Yeremia Robot.pdf (562.12KB)
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Isi artikelManado Malay is a form of vernacular language spoken in the area of the city of Manado, Indonesia and its surroundings. Studies analizing the issues on Manado Malay are increasing, however,based on the previous researches, we found that the studies regarding syntactic analysis, especially appositive phrases and/or construction in Manado Malay are still scarce, if not none. In order to fill the gap regarding the research of appositions in Manado Malay, we intend to analyze the construction of appositions in Manado Malay, specifically of appositive phrases.This research aims to identify, classify and analyze the construction of appositive phrases in Manado Malay and to enrich the knowledge of Manado Malay syntax, especially the phrases in Manado Malay which serve as a form of language maintenance.The primary data were collected through the recording of casual conversation of Manado Malay speakers and the secondary data were from books and from Manado Malay Bible published recently by the synod of The Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa (GMIM), a Presbyterian church in Indonesia, with Indonesian Bible Society (LAI). The research employs a qualitative-descriptive method. We used tagmemic analysis to analyze the construction of appositive phrases in Manado Malay. Tagmemic analysis requires the slot, class, role, and cohesion of each tagmeme which can be set in different levels of speech. This method is deemed as suitable and preferable for analyzing vernaculars, including Manado Malay. Moreover, through this method of analysis, we are able to describe the construction of appositive phrases in Manado Malay.The study results show that the morpheme tu also serves as the marker of appositions in Manado Malay. The morpheme tu often confused whether as a demonstrative, a definite article or an apposition marker. However, in our analysis we found that in several speech contexts, the morpheme tu can also act as an apposition marker in Manado Malay.
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