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ArtikelEnhancing the cumulative count of conforming chart with runs rules  
Oleh: Cheng, Chuen-Sheng ; Chen, Pei-Wen
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: International Symposium of Quality Management (ISQM) - Thinking in Quality: The Change and the Unchanged in the Economic Turmoil (Taipei, 6-7 November 2009), page 1-13.
Topik: CCC chart; high-yield process; runs rules; Markov chain
Fulltext: A1-02.pdf (583.48KB)
Isi artikelIn this paper we consider incorporating the runs rules into the cumulative count of conforming (CCC) chart for monitoring high-yiled processes. We propose a simple and effective procedure to design a CCC chart coupled with runs rules that can yield ARL-unbiased performance and meet the required in-control ARL. The proposed design involves determining a relation between the upper side and lower side false alarm probabilities. A Markov chain approach is used to evaluate the ARL performance of various control schemes studied in this paper. An extensive numerical comparison shows that the proposed design approach can result in a significant reduction in ARL for detecting increases in the fraction nonconforming of the basic CCC chart.
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