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ArtikelAbsorptive capacity of textile home industries in kiaracondong village-bandung, facing the asean economic community 2016  
Oleh: Hutabarat, Zoel ; Hariandja, Evo Sampetua
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceeding IConEnt 2016 (International Conference on Entrepreneurship) : How Innovation could Improve the Performance and Productivity in Entrepreneurship?, page 1-9.
Topik: Absorptive capacity; MSME; innovation)
Fulltext: Zoel Hutabarat, Evo S Hariandja.pdf (314.51KB)
Isi artikelMicro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) were directly or indirectly impacted by ASEAN Economic Community. MSME had to compete with other MSME from abroad with cheap labor and cheap raw material. This paper will conduct to textile artisans and entrepreneur whom struggle in imported cheap product and good quality. How they can survive in this competition? Are they capable to pursue the same quality at same price? Absorptive capacity, Cohen & Levinthal (1990), determine the survive ability through internal or external technology or ideas. This paper will find the relationship between absorptive capacity of convection home industries or artisans and the capability to facing the ASEAN Economic Community.
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