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ArtikelThe strategy of innovation to improving productivity in small and medium industries (IKM) shoes in district of Sooko Mojokerto  
Oleh: Kurniawati, Eris Tri ; Sudarti
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceeding IConEnt 2016 (International Conference on Entrepreneurship) : How Innovation could Improve the Performance and Productivity in Entrepreneurship?, page 1-10.
Topik: Entrepreneurship; Income level; Working Capital and Labor; IKM Shoes
Fulltext: Eris Tri Kurniawati, Sudarti.pdf (567.55KB)
Isi artikelThe purpose of this study is to describes the magnitude of the income level small and medium industry (IKM) shoes, to analyse the influence of working capital and labor against the income level on the small and medium industry (IKM) shoes, and Innovation strategy is being done to improve productivity in small and medium Industries (IKM) Shoes in district of Sooko Mojokerto. Analysis tools that are used are: 1) ' p = ' TR-TC, 2) Regression Method Data Analysis Panel, 3) Qualitative Descriptive. The results of the analysis showed that for 20 small and medium industrial object (IKM) shoes contained in district of Sooko, Mojokerto is dominated by Fluent Triumphant on each year, to the lowest level of income achieved by Sukawit Jaya. Based on the results of the regression Analysis the Panel Data Model is Working Capital Variable (X1) partially positive and significant effect against the level of income (Y). Labor variable (X2) partially positive and significant effect against the level of Income. The coefficient of determination of 84,27%. This suggests that the ability of the free/independent variable that consists of working capital and labor in explaining variables bound/dependent (income level) of 84,27%, while the rest of 0.05% (1-0.842665 = 0.157335) described by variables other than the model implicitly reflected in variable a bully. Innovation strategy does is promote the development of synergy between government agencies as well as the cooperation of the community in the management of resources and potentially increase the research and development programs are inventive.
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