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ArtikelThe Correlation Between Personality And Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Recommendation For Entrepreneurial Education  
Oleh: Wisudha, Ayleen ; Angie, Gabriela ; Rumondor, Pingkan C. B. ; Rumeser, Johannes A. A. ; Andangsari, Esther Widhi
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceeding IConEnt 2016 (International Conference on Entrepreneurship) : How Innovation could Improve the Performance and Productivity in Entrepreneurship?, page 82-97.
Topik: Entrepreneurship; Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation; Lumina Spark; Personality; Education.
Fulltext: Ayleen Wisudha, Gabriela Angie, Pingkan C. B. Rumondor, Johannes Rumeser, Esther Widhi Andangsari.pdf (250.55KB)
Isi artikelThis paper reports correlation measures between personality traits and individual entrepreneurial orientation (IEO). The participants are Bina Nusantara University students in the age range of 18-26 years old. Personality traits are measured using the Lumina Spark model, a psychometric instrument that uses the Big Five personality model as its cornerstone and a Jungian lens to inform the model. IEO is measured using an inventory measuring Risk-taking, Proactiveness, and Innovativeness. The results show that that there is a significant correlation between all personality traits and all IEO dimensions. Various correlational patterns, from moderate to strong (r = .28 to .71 , p<.01) are studied more closely leading to the suggestion that it is conceivable to develop a comprehensive Entrepreneurial Education programme, one that embraces all aspects of personality, and more specifically, to better accommodate some personality traits that have only moderate correlation to IEO.
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