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ArtikelThe Development and Empirical Study of the Systematic Framework of Quality Practices for SMEs  
Oleh: Yang, Ching-Chow ; Mu, Pen-Po ; Sukwadi, Ronald
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: ANQ Congress 19-22 October 2010 New Delhi, page 1-19.
Topik: Quality management; Quality practice; Quality control; SMEs
Fulltext: Ching_Chow_Yang__Taiwan__The_Development_of_the_Systematic_F.pdf (106.84KB)
Isi artikelSmall and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in economic development for any country, but they must first surmount difficulties in development and survival. Therefore, the pursuit of total quality is an important countermeasure for SMEs. Unfortunately, SMEs seldom successfully implement the quality management systems, such as ISO 9000, TQM, and Six Sigma, due to limited resources and lack of knowledge and talents. In this research, we first divide the quality practices into five implementation stages: product quality, process quality, system quality, total quality and business quality. We then develop the quality activities according to these five stages for different sized companies: small and medium sized enterprises. We also conduct a survey based on the developed model to investigate the implementation level and effectiveness of these quality activities for different sized enterprises. Usually, the medium sized enterprises have the higher implementation level and effectiveness degree of the quality activities than the small sized enterprises. The results can serve as reference for the SMEs as they implement the quality practices.
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