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Artikel2 Operational Excellence with a Human Face Application of psychological and production theories to back office operations through a Lean Six Sigma framework  
Oleh: Viswanathan, Balasubramanian ; Zalpuri,A.K. ; Swaminathan, Rajagopal ; Rangarajan,R
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: ANQ Congress 19-22 October 2010 New Delhi, page 1-13.
Topik: Operational excellence; human face; employee satisfaction; customer delight; economics of quality; complex order management back office process; Theory of Cognitive Dissonance; Hawthorne Effect; Toyota Production System; Systems Theory; cell structure; single piece flow; stop-correct-proceed; Lean Six Sigma.
Fulltext: B_Viswanathan_HCL_Operational_Excellence_with_a_Human_Face.pdf (191.88KB)
Isi artikelAchieving employee satisfaction together with operational excellence and customer delight is a challenge. This was met through an innovative application of the Toyota Production System - the ‘cell structure’, ‘single piece flow’ and ‘stop-correct-proceed’ concepts - woven with the lessons from Hawthorne effect (attention improves performance), Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (behavior changes attitudes), and the Systems Theory (systems create their own behavior) and implemented through a Lean Six Sigma approach. Together with sustained improvement in performance and job satisfaction, the project yielded financial benefits with the economics of quality being pegged at USD 10 million dollars every year to the client 3M in its complex order management process, a payback equaling 30 times 3M’s contract value with HCL.
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