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ArtikelSocio-economic condition of female domestic workers in Punjab (India): a case study of Sangrur District  
Oleh: Dar, Javaid A ; John, Waseem
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: SIBR-Thammasat 2014 Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research June 5th- 7th, 2014 di Emerald Hotel Bangkok, page 1-19.
Topik: Socio-Economic; Women Empowerment; Female Domestic Workers; Marginal Productivity; Sexism; Bargaining Power; Exploitation; Feudal Society; Gender Gap
Fulltext: b14-012.pdf (131.73KB)
Isi artikelThe study of socio-economic condition of domestic women workers is important to formulate policies regarding human resource development and women empowerment. Punjab is one of the richest states of India as per the gross state domestic product per capita, and is rich in culture and tradition. Informal sector constitutes a pivotal part in Punjab economy. Current study aims at understanding the socio-economic condition of domestic women workers in Punjab. To fulfil the objective a sample of 160 domestic women workers collected from different areas of Sangrur district has been studied. The results have shown that the condition of domestic women workers is vulnerable in Punjab. The wage rate they get is very low compared to their marginal productivity. The reasons for their vulnerable condition are caste difference, unequal gender relations, poor economic background, irregular work, very little or no bargaining power, lack of credit facilities, drug addiction of their male partners, death of husband and lack of assets. Given the vulnerable status of domestic women workers of Punjab at home or at work, an increase in their wage rate is inevitable. But increased wage rate alone will not be enough. Their economic empowerment needs to go along with political empowerment, which could improve their bargaining power both at work and at home.
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