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ArtikelPlanning route distribution of IKM DM using the methods vehicle routing problem (VRP) and shortest-route algorithm  
Oleh: Nurhasanah, Nunung ; Hidayat, Syarif ; Agustini, Devi Utami ; Listianingsih, Ajeng Putri ; Haidar, Faikar Zakky ; Hasanati, Nida’ul
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: PROCEEDING The 8th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (8th ISIEM). Atria Hotel & Conference, Malang, Indonesia March 17 – 19, 2015, page DSS-21.
Topik: Distribution system; routes; distance; the location convection; costs; transportation
Fulltext: Paper 20 Nunung Nurhasanah - Al Azhar Indonesia University.pdf (423.33KB)
Isi artikelIKM DM is a company engaged in the business of apparel or garment. Many actors involved in the business of the company, one of them is convection who became a partner of IKM DM in producing a product company especially trousers. Availability of finished goods in storage is the most noted companies, as an effort to improve competitiveness with always meet the needs of customers. The management of the distribution system should be very noticed by IKM DM, because so influential against time until goods in a warehouse. In this case, time is strongly influenced by the distance or route which passed by a conveyance that transports the product IKM DM. Based on it, research conducted on the distribution system of the IKM DM by making design route distribution optimal with two types of route companies that become case study are the location of the distribution routes of convection (Jakarta) to the location of the warehouse finished goods using the approach of VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) and Route of distribution Jakarta-Pekalongan by approach shortest-route algorithm. The result of the calculation using the VRP indicate savings on regular routes that by passed the IKM DM vehicles 5 routes into 4 routes with combining the location of convection Bambang and Noto. Then sort the results based on the route obtained approximately 6.1 km with an allocation of a vehicle using the truck a wheel 4 and including the location which was also performed by convection allocation other vehicles. While in the calculations using the shortest-route algorithm, show the results of shortest route on the distribution route Jakarta-Pekalongan of 389 km. saving the distance made after using the method by 50 km shorter than the initial routes 1 and 8 miles on route 2 normally skipped. The results of the cost savings transport with make an investment vehicle as much as 51.2 % or worth IDR 1,705,800 based on ratios convection Kusnandi and Bambang.
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