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ArtikelSystemic Analysis of Text Appraisal on Students’theses Writing  
Oleh: Ngongo, Magdalena
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: The 62st TEFLIN International Conference: Teaching and Assessing L2 Learners in the 21st Century, Denpasar, 14-16th September 2015, Book 2, page 670-676.
Topik: text appraisal; theses writing; systemic
Fulltext: hal 670.pdf (15.04MB)
Isi artikelThis paper is aimed to describe text appraisal of thesis writing, as one of the requirements to fulfil undergraduate degree of English teaching. There are 10 English theses writing taken to be analyzed qualitatively. These theses are written by undergraduate students who got ‘A’ grade in their theses examination. Based on the analysis, it was found out that in thesis writing, text appraisal employed covers three types of attitude, namely affect, appreciation and judgments. In addition graduation and engagement can be also included in language evaluation in which engagement is the most used. Referring to the attitude, judgment is more used than affect and appreciation. This fact indicates that the students’ theses writing more personal and emotional than appreciative. Engagement was also most used than graduation. This fact indicates that undergraduate students make use of types of expand namely, entertain as well as attribute, whereas in graduation they moreconcerned for intensification and quantification and had very limited concerns or even ignored the use of sharpening and softening resource.This fact might suggest that students should be taught and trained more relating to writing, such as academic writing that specifying in evaluating language.
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