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Artikel[848-Target Language Exposure in EFL Teaching:From Theory to Reality  
Oleh: Rohmah, Dewi Wardah Mazidatur ; Pratawati, Fitria Muji
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: The 62st TEFLIN International Conference: Teaching and Assessing L2 Learners in the 21st Century, Denpasar, 14-16th September 2015, Book 2, page 321-330.
Topik: target language exposure; modified input; EFL teaching; second language acquisition (SLA)
Fulltext: hal 321.pdf (15.04MB)
Isi artikelMany studies indicated the significance of abundant target language exposure. This issue also has been widely discussed in second language acquisition (SLA) studies. Previous studies have explored the teacher talk in some aspects; teacher’s perception toward the teacher talk, the expected teacher talk, and the features of teacher talk mostly occur in ESL classrooms. On the other hand, this present study focuses on the teacher talk as the important source of language input in EFL classroom. Therefore the aim of this study is to highlight the contribution of target language exposure to the students’ learning process by capturing the factual conditions in EFL learning. We will also see the teacher’s belief and how this belief affects their teaching practice. The discussion will be brought up under the umbrella of SLA (Second Language Acquisition). To find the answer of this study, a case study is employed from March to April 2015 to investigate the teacher talk performed by a novice teacher in a particular elementary school.
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