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ArtikelThe Role of Translation in Teaching Non-English Department Case Study: ISI Denpasar Students  
Oleh: Yulianti, Ni Ketut Dewi
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: TransCon 2015: The 5th Atma Jaya International Conference in Translation & Interpretation Studies, “Terminologies & Neologisms in the Eyes of Translators”,, page 107-114.
Topik: Teaching; translation; non-english department; creative activity
Fulltext: hal 107.pdf (4.55MB)
Isi artikelThis study is aimed at giving a refreshing for English teachers who teach non-English department students and also for those who are still learning about translation. Teaching non-English department students sometimes makes teachers tired in gaining the satisfaction of the learning process, since students seem not to be so interested in learning English. The reason is probably because they work harder in improving their skill in their own department. Translation can be applied when the teachers need variations in teaching them English. Translation is a creative activity and it is a useful tool to learn English. Besides, by applying translation method, the students will have good vocabulary building. This paper is part of the process of a research in competitive research grants which was then funded by ISI Denpasar DIPA: DIPA-023-04.2.415262/2013 from 2013 until 2015, DIPA-023- 04.1.673453/2015. The method applied in this study is translation method, that is to say translating the terms in basic Balinese and Javanese dances movements from Bahasa into English, so that the students of Dance department can memorize them more easily before they practice teaching dance in English. Thus, in this paper, issues and challenges pertaining to the translation of basic Balinese and Javanese dance movements from Bahasa into English will be discussed.
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