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ArtikelAdding Insult to Injury: Partner Depression Moderates the Association Between Partner-Regulation Attempts and Partners’ Motivation to Resolve Interpersonal Problems  
Oleh: Baker, Levi R. ; McNulty, James K.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin ( vol. 41 no. 6 (Jun. 2015), page 839-852.
Topik: romantic relationships; partner-regulation; motivation; depression; self-efficacy
Fulltext: PSPB_41_06_839.pdf (1.08MB)
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Isi artikelIntimates regularly confront their partners to motivate them to change undesirable behaviors. Nevertheless, contextual perspectives suggest that qualities of the partner may determine the implications of such attempts. Consistent with these ideas, a pilot study of romantic relationships, an observational study of newlyweds, and a diary study of married couples demonstrated that partner depression moderates the association between confrontational partner-regulation behaviors and partners’ motivation, such that confrontational behaviors were associated with marginally greater motivation to resolve problems among partners who were experiencing relatively few depressive symptoms, but significantly less motivation among partners who were experiencing relatively more depressive symptoms. Furthermore, Study 2 provided evidence for the mechanism of these effects—relationship self-efficacy. Finally, these studies also demonstrated that benevolent behaviors were particularly motivating for partners who were experiencing more depressive symptoms. These findings highlight the important roles played by depression, relationship self-efficacy, and context in interpersonal communication.
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