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ArtikelResearch and development success factors towards innovation  
Oleh: Amoyan, Jennifer ; Punzalan, Brian ; Chiu, Anthony SF
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: The 14th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference (APIEMS), 3-6 December 2013 Cebu, Philippines, page 1-12.
Topik: Innovation; Research and Development (R&D); Success Factors of R&D
Fulltext: 4026.pdf (444.27KB)
Isi artikelImproving countries’ capacities in science, technology and innovation creates opportunities for them to progress their position in the value chain, develop their economies and provide advances in global development of science and technology. This paper aims to discuss the indicators or success factors of research and development towards innovation such as R&D expenditures and funding, stock of human capital, scientific output, citations, patents, co-invention and internal collaboration and technology flow. Having identified the success factors will help each country assess their science and technology performance and take action in order to improve them. A better understanding of the success factors is essential for the future development of each country.
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