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ArtikelSophisticated Web Marketing  
Oleh: Dilley, Steven C. ; Geerts, Guido L. ; Waddington, Barbara A.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Accountancy vol. 189 no. 4 (2000), page 55-60.
Topik: web marketing; web marketing
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Isi artikelAs recently as five years ago, most CPA firms were scrambling to create an online presence before they missed the “virtual” curve. Partners across the country were congratulating each other for their firms’ “awesome” graphics and the “really cool” Web designs, after which it was back to business as usual. The most a firm expected was the occasional new client that first learned of the firm on the Web. In fact, many CPA s regarded their Web sites as “just another expensive method of publishing a list of client services.” If that is all you still expect from your firm’s site, you are missing the curve. Today, the benchmark for cutting-edge Web development for business are the database - driven Web sites. They are considered database - driven because the contents of the site actually is stored in a database. They combine a Web browser, a Web server and database software in a way that makes the site accurate, timely, interactive and, most important, personalized for each client. Web sites that are not database - driven are static and require programming every time their content changes. You most likely have had some experience using database - driven sites and didn’t even know it. For example, some of the best known companies that have created database-driven Web sites include Amazon (, Charles Schwab (, Federal Express ( and American Airlines ( These sites generate new clients because they are interactive and personalized. For example, they allow clients to place and trace orders, access timely account information and learn about events or products that are of special importance to them. CPA firms do not have to earn $100 million in revenue to take advantage of all the marketing benefits of a more sophisticated Web site. In fact, small firms can establish their own database - driven sites and manage them without having to hire professional Web designers whenever they want them updated. This provides CPA s with a relatively low - cost marketing tool and engages clients with timely and personalized information.
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