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ArtikelDiplomacy of Distrust  
Oleh: Calabresi, Massimo
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Time Magazine vol. 185 no. 11 (Mar. 2015), page 16-21.
Topik: U.S.-Iran nuclear; Tehran’s nuclear program; World; Iran
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Isi artikelU.S.-Iran nuclear talks will never overcome decades of suspicion. Can both sides deal with that? *** The ceremonial entrance to the Palais Coburg hotel in the heart of Vienna sits atop an elaborate staircase rising from the end of the former palace’s carriage drive, creating what the hotel’s promotional literature calls “the anticipation of a grand event.” But on a balmy day last June, the five American nuclear experts arriving at Palais Coburg needed no added drama. Ahead of them lay a tense confrontation with their Iranian counterparts in a day of high-stakes talks over Tehran’s nuclear program.
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