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Artikel Pengembangan Model Penilaian Akhlak Peserta Didik Madrasah Aliyah  
Oleh: Prihatini, Septimar ; Mardapi, Djemari ; Sutrisno
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI - non-atma jaya
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Penelitian dan Evaluasi Pendidikan vol. 17 no. 2 (2013), page 347-365.
Topik: assessment model; students akhlak; akhlaks constructs; instrument
Fulltext: 1705-4846-1-SM.pdf (1.13MB)
Isi artikelThis study aims to develop a model of an assessment of Madrasah Aliyah students akhlak. The constructs of students akhlak are developed on the basis of the akhlak as affective domain and as a religiousity concept, adopting the ritualistic concept and consequences from Glock and Stark (1966). This research and development used self-report and indirect observations, involving 291 students and 26 teachers by using purposive sampling technique. The quality instrument testing consists of: validation process (face, content and construct), reliability (internal consistency and inter-rater reliability); and stability. The results of the study are as follows. (1) The model of an assessment of students akhlak includes a measurement model and an assessment system for students akhlak. The instrument is composed through the process of expert judgment, Focus Group Disscussion and testing constructs (2) The result of Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) shows that constructs of students akhlak cover the dimensions of akhlak to Allah, Prophet Muhammad, parents, self, teachers, society, and environment. (3) The internal reliability of instrument ranges from 0.865 to 0.921 (high); the inter-rater reliability is 0.851 (high) by Product Moment Correlation and Cohens Kappa coefficient 0.770 (very good). Instruments stability levels ranging from being good to being very good (0.715 to 0.858). (4) the assessment system model after the simulation is confirmation yields an agreement of 90% with the respondents performances.
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