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ArtikelPerancangan Proporsi Skor Transkrip Aktivitas Kemahasiswaan (TAK) Institut Teknologi Telkom berdasarkan Knowledge Conversion dengan Metode 5C4C dan SECI  
Oleh: Rizkaluthfi, Ihsan ; Kurniawati, Amelia ; Iqbal, Muhammad
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI - atma jaya
Dalam koleksi: Metris: Jurnal Mesin, Elektro, Industri dan Sains vol. 13 no. 02 (Sep. 2012), page 69 - 78.
Topik: Transkrip Aktivitas Kemahasiswaan (TAK); Tridharma; data conversion; information and knowledge; SECI method and data mining.
Fulltext: Perancangan Proporsi Skor Transkrip Aktivitas.pdf (502.67KB)
Isi artikelTranskrip Aktivitas Kemahasiswaan (TAK) is an active student assessment parameters in non academic that is imposed a rule to student by Telkom Institute of Technology and it is an effective ideas for the development of softskill students in order to improve the quality of it’s graduates and become a fulfillment of the obligations of universities in education, research and community service that are listed in Tridharma University. Because of that, it required the development for the proportion of TAK scores that each value of chain Tridharma University can be fulfilled by each student and grooves form of submission TAK score is written and cleary as supporting good management of TAK activities. Development of TAK proporstion score conducted by converting data into information and information into knowledge. This research uses knowledge conversion 5C and 4C method, the raw data is converted into information through the stages of Contextualized, Categorized, Calculated, Corrected and Condensed with helped by data mining tool and then information is converted into knowledge through the stage of Comparison, Consequense, Connection and Conversation. And also this research uses SECI method through the stages of Socialization, Externalization, Combination and Internalization that function to find out the opinion of the sections relating to student activities of institution such as tacit knowledge as the analysis for decision making of relevant proportion TAK score. Based on the analysis and results of processing the data, some conclusions are obtained that the relevant proportion of TAK scores according to Tridharma established by the result of graduates, that formed into three segment that are student want continue to work with proportion of education and research category 22%, interest and talents 73%, society service 5%, and then student want continue to entrepreneurship and work with proportion of education and research category 20%, interest and talents 75%, society service 5% and the last is student want continue to school with proportion education and research category 30%, interest and talents 65%, society service 5% then the result of proportion TAK score can be internalized to the institution.
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