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ArtikelLanguage Acquisition and Categorical Perception with Particular Reference to/r/and/l/  
Oleh: Perecman, Ellen ; Kellar, Lucia A.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Language Sciences (Full Text) vol. 5 no. 1 (1983), page 97-124.
Fulltext: 05_01_Perecman.pdf (1.1MB)
Isi artikelThis paper addresses the question of nature vs. nurture in language acquisition with paxtieular reference to the phonemic contrast between /r/and/1/. Categorical perception, production, and motor coordination were measured in groups of 3½-yearolds, 8-year-olds, 13-year-olds, and adult controls. Both identification and discrimination performance were found to improve between 31h and 8 years of age, although identification shows less of an improvement than discrimination. Among 3~-year-olds, discrimination performance is almost random. By 8 years old, it has reached the level of adult performance. A marked improvement in speech production coincides with an increase in speed of ffmger movements between ages 3 lh and 8 years. These results, therefore, indicate a positive correlation, among 3~h-yeax-olds, between fine motor coordination and production of the [r[ - [1[ contrast. No correlation was found between performance on perceptual and production tasks, although data from older children suggest that deficient performance in one domain may be accompanied by deficient performance in the other. Fine motor coordination and perceptual ability were not found to be correlated
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