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ArtikelExtracting Strategic Priority Components for Product Liability Response System using AHP  
Oleh: Seo, Jun Hyeok ; Ko, Bok Soo ; Bae, Sung Min
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: 12th ANQ Congress in Singapore, 5-8 Agustus 2014, page 1-6.
Topik: Product Liability (PL); PL Response System; PL Components; Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); Small and Medium Size Manufacturers
Fulltext: PM2-1.5-P0159.pdf (545.85KB)
Isi artikelTo prevent potential business losses resulting from PL cases, it is important to establish operational process of PL and develop a response system. As large companies have sufficient resources to build a PL response system, small and medium sized manufacturers (SME) have not enough resource to develop or operate a PL response system. To make efficient PL response system, SMEs should decide which component of PL response system is important and implemented with priority under limited resources. To accomplish this goal, we propose strategic priority components of PL response systems for SME manufacturer. We extract several components of PL response system from previous studies – System, Organization, Training, Technology, Cost, and Awareness. System means SME’s management policies such as product safety policy. Organization indicates a separate team for responding PL incidents. Training is an education related PL issues for employees. Technology is a prediction to the dangers of a product. Awareness means every employees keep in mind PL related issues. Every PL activity or response needs costs that compensate PL accidents, join PL insurance, and so on. Using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), we extract important components of PL response system. Our analysis results show that technology is the most important component. Organization, System, Training follows order respectively. It means that developing PL related system is a priority issues for SME, which has limited resources for PL activity
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