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ArtikelEFL Pre-Service Teachers: A Study on Student Teachers' Teaching Competence  
Oleh: Gunawan, Muhammad Handi ; Wiyati, Retno
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: The 61st TEFLIN International Conference : English Language Curriculum Development: Implications for Innovations in Language Policy and Planning, Pedagogical Practices, and Teacher Professional Development, Solo, 7 - 9 October 2014, page 1305-1308.
Isi artikelBailey and Kamhi-Stein ( as cited in Richards, 2011) suggest that in order to be competent, teachers at least need to be aware of how much of a language does one need to know to be able to teach it effectively, and how does proficiency in a language interact with other aspects of teaching. Thus, the researchers conducted a descriptive study on the EFL pre-service teachers’ competence to evaluate what needs to be done further regarding the problems that might appear and to outline the possible recommendations pertinent to the study. The data were collected through giving out questionnaires, conducting classroom observations and interviews in the form of student teachers’ reflections. The data suggest that student teachers still lack the language proficiency urgently needed in the teaching process and the pedagogical content knowledge of subject matters to support the teaching and learning activities. This study has revealed the real problems faced and exprerienced by student teachers that provide valid data for teachers, lecturers and authorities in universities as to what further steps need to be taken to deal with the problems and to outline possible best guidelines for future teacher training programs.
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