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Artikel Increase Of Efficiency Of Workstation Design Through Production Scheduling For Moslem Clothes In SME “XYZ”  
Oleh: Nurhasanah, Nunung ; Saraswati, Laksmi ; Hidayat, Syarif ; Hasanati, Nida’ul ; Pradani, Winangsari ; Taqwa, Muhammad Aulia ; Zulfikar, Anela Septiani ; Nuraini, Cut ; Biki, Munawir
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceeding The 7th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (7th ISIEM) di Bali, March 11th – 13th, 2014, page PS 42-48.
Topik: Production Scheduling; Standard Time; Algoritma Lang; Line Efficiency; Smoothing Index; DelayTime
Fulltext: Paper 28 Nunung Nurhasanah Al Azhar.pdf (461.43KB)
Isi artikelScheduling is time arrangement of some activity. Scheduling activities include allocating facilities, equipment or labor for an operation and to determine the order of an operation. The purpose is to minimize the waiting time, waiting services, inventory levels, and also the efficiency of facility, labor and equipment. The aims of this study is to design a production schedule with improving the efficiency of every work stations. This study starts from the determination of standard time of each operation, labor scheduling, balancing the production line and simulated it with software Promodel 6 student version. The measurement of working time using stop clock method then determines the standard time of each operations with Westinghouse approach. Then for labor scheduling using algorithm Lang method. Then for balancing production line using Rank Positional Weight (RPW) method, J-Wagon, Mirror, Moodie Young, Large Candidate Rule (LCR), and Region Approach then the result of those six methods are compared and which have the largest value of line efficiency and the smallest value of smoothing index and the smallest delay time will be selected. From the data processing of this study showed that the standard time in producing Moslem clothing X-101 is equal to 28,31 minutes. The optimal method to balance this production line is using the Mirror method. By using this method, the value of line efficiency is 80,97% rise around 58,49% of the current production line condition, then the value of smoothing index become 3,97 and for the value of balance delay is 19,03%. And also the delay time become smaller 6,65 minutes decrease 90,96 minutes from the current production line condition
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