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Artikel Comparing Transportation Costs Between Processors And Buyers In CPO Tender Using Genetic Algorithm And Operations Research Tools  
Oleh: Hidayat, Syarif ; Putra, Rizky Betadi
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceeding The 7th International Seminar on Industrial Engineering and Management (7th ISIEM) di Bali, March 11th – 13th, 2014, page OR 1-6.
Topik: Crude Palm Oil (CPO); Supply Chain; Transportation Cost; Genetic Algorithm; Operations Research
Fulltext: Paper 01 Syarif Hidayat UAI.pdf (324.97KB)
Isi artikelCrude Palm Oil (CPO) business has become the most important agroindustrial commodity of Indonesia, while as of 2006, Indonesia was the largest producer and exporter of CPO with 20.9 million tons. This business involves many players in a long supply chain starting from farmers and ending with the buyers, both local and abroad. One of the major costs in supply chain is transportation cost. This research tried to apply and compare Genetic Algorithm and Operations Research tools in minimizing the supply chain transportation costs between 10 CPO processors (PTPNs) and 9 CPO buyers (private companies). The better method that obtain optimum solution was Operations Research Transportation Model using North-West Corner Method with a total cost of Rp 7,047,935,664 compared to Rp 9,563,378,906 for the GA approach
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