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ArtikelThe Mediating Effect Of Work Cooperative Attitude On The Affecting Of Organizational Justice To Dysfunctional Behavior And Impacted To The Loan Controller's Performance  
Oleh: Sitorus, Tigor
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: International Journal of Management & Information Technology vol. 08 no. 03 (Feb. 2014), page 1440-1453.
Topik: Equity; Justice; Work Cooperative Attitude; Behavior; Performance; Contingency theory; Learing organization
Fulltext: 08_03_10_Sitorus.pdf (737.96KB)
Isi artikelThe objective of this research is to build a theoretical and an empirical model of the Work Cooperative Attitude of Loan Controller on decreasing the Dysfunctional behavior at banking industries and its impact to Loan Controller’s Performance. This study wanted to test empirically direct and indirect effects of ; The first, The Organizational Justice to Dysfunctional behavior, The second, The Organizational Justice dysfunctional behavior mediated by Work Cooperative Attitude, the third, The Work Cooperative Attitude to Loan Controller’s Performance, The fourth, the Work Cooperative Attitude to Loan Controller’s Performance mediated by Dysfunctional behavior at the biggest ten of bank listed in Indonesian stock exchange, Jakarta area in 2011.The Structural Equation Modeling and Analysis of Path by Amos Software 16.00 used to analysis data which result have a high goodness of fit , and the test of simultaneous and individual test proved significant with coefficient < 0.05 and the variation of the dependent variable could be explained or estimated by the independent variables with coefficient adjusted R Square > 0.60.The results of the analysis shows that ; The First, Organizational justice is positive but not significantly increasing the Dysfunctional behavior, The second, effort to decrease the dysfunctional behavior will significant and more strength throughout increasing the variable of Work Cooperative attitude. The Third, effort to increase The Loan Controller’s Performance will significant by decrease the Dysfunctional behavior and increasing Work Cooperative Attitude simultaneously.This study recommend about the importance of building Work Cooperative Attitude of loan Controller with dimensions; cooperative work, openness, honesty, commitment, mutual respect. Those could be obtained if the company has a good procedural and distribution justice for loan Controller.
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