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ArtikelSISO Control of TITO Systems: A Comparative Study  
Oleh: Sha'aban, Yusuf A. ; Muhammad, Abdullahi ; Ahmad, Kabir ; Jibrin, Muazu M.
Jenis: Article from Books - E-Book
Dalam koleksi: Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Volume of the World Congress on Engineering 2013, page 311-326.
Topik: Decentralised control; Decoupling; FOPDT; MPC; PID; Predictive control; SISO; TITO
Fulltext: 23_978-94-017-8831-1_Sha'aban_Muhammad_Ahmad.pdf (550.52KB)
Isi artikelThis paper presents a brief study of concepts used in control of two-input and two-output systems. A novel decentralised model predictive control (DMPC) for two-input and two-output (TITO) processes is presented. To reduce the computational load, shifted input sequence is used to cater for loop interactions. The proposed scheme is applied to a coupled system to demonstrate its performance. Model predictive control (MPC) and decentralised proportional, integral and derivative (PID/PI) controllers were also applied for comparison purposes. The proposed controller has a performance similar to MPC but outperforms the decentralised PID/PI controllers.
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