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ArtikelLanguage learning strategy instruction and individual difference in a self-access centre EFL learning mode in Indonesian context  
Oleh: Manurung, Konder
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Teflin International conference 2005
Topik: EFL learning; Language learning; strategy instruction
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Isi artikelLanguage learning strategy researchers have indicated that there are some factors that affect the use of language learning strategies and consequently affect the success on learning a language. The researchers have indicated that background features of the language learners, such as gender, EFL proficiency level, monolingualism or bilingualism/multilingualism, motivation, etc. affect the use of the language learning strategies during the second or foreign language learning. The paper discusses the effect of language learning strategy instruction on the improvement of the four language skills, the choice of the language learning strategies, and the individual differences, such as; bilingualism, gender, and EFL proficiency level in EFL learning in Indonesian context when EFL learning takes place in a self-access centre. The paper argues that instruction in the use of language learning strategies predicts improvement in the four language skills. However, it is evidenced that not all of the individual differences are equally potential to contribute to the improvement of the four language skills. Practical application of the instruction in the use of language learning strategies in EFL learning in self-access centre mode is suggested.
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