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ArtikelA Lexical-Functional Model for Machine Translation of English Zero-place Predicators into Persian  
Oleh: Ahangar, Abbas Ali ; Jahangiri, Nader ; Mohammadpour, Fahimeh
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: International Journal of English Linguistics vol. 2 no. 3 (Jun. 2012), page 2-9.
Topik: machine translation; C-structure; F-structure; A-structure; source language; target language
Fulltext: Abbas Ali Ahangar.pdf (156.4KB)
Isi artikelComparative analysis of English and Persian sentence structures reveals that though zero-place predicators are one of predicator types in English, they do not exist in Persian. So, generating a natural translation of them especially in machine translation systems is essential. This study aimed to show that utilizing Lexical-Functional Grammar for a machine translation system which is designed for translation of some English zero-place predicators is able to produce a natural translation of them into Persian. To accomplish this purpose, after determination of part of speech of words of the sentences in C-structure and grammatical function of noun phrases present in the source language (i.e. English) sentence in F-structure, the suitable equivalence was selected for each word and finally the sentence was generated in target language (i.e. Persian). The findings of the present research suggest that English zero-place predicators translated into Persian by a lexical-functional machine are more natural and also they are based on Persian word order
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