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ArtikelA Study Of Bilingual Menu: Fact And Relevance Principles Of Fisher? Narrative Paradigm  
Oleh: Mutiara, Rika
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: TransCon 2013: The Multifaceted World of Translation, Jakarta: Unika Atma Jaya, September 26th, 2013, page 99-108.
Topik: bilingual menu; accuracy; fact and relevance principles
Fulltext: 99-108.pdf (719.9KB)
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Isi artikelTranslating names of dishes in a bilingual menu needs to be done carefully. It occurs because particular dishes only can be found in certain countries and they do not exist in other countries. This study focuses on investigating the accuracy of an Indonesian-English bilingual menu based on fact and relevance principles of Fisher‘s narrative paradigm particularly names of dishes that have prepositional phrase with. To analyze the data, an interview to the restaurant waiter and waitresses and a study of some related sources such as corpus and cooking websites were conducted. The result shows that the translation does not give most needed information. For some cases, translation can lead to misunderstanding because of cultural differences. Some translations do not fulfill the principles of fact and relevance. It is necessary to make sure whether the words/phrases used in the translation are appropriate to deliver the meaning in the source language.
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