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ArtikelThe Bridging of Cultural Divides in Contemporary and Traditional Theatre in Japan  
Oleh: Ngean, Lim How
Jenis: Article from Books
Dalam koleksi: Are We Up to the Challenge?: Current Crises and the Asian Intellectual COmmunity (The Work of the 2005/2006 API Fellows, page 152-158.
Topik: Bridging Tradition and Modernity; Japan Mission; Kyogen; Atsushi; Sangetsuki; Meijinden
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Isi artikelThe negotiation between the traditional and modern is traumatic in any field or discipline, more so when it is an arts discipline drawing from many aspects of culture, whether foreign or autochthonous. The mutually exclusive growth and development of traditional and contemporary performing arts in Japan is only one model that multi-cultural Malaysia can examine and hope to emulate. Barring governmental contribution, private stakeholdership and the growing concern for globalization, Malaysian arts are already divided in its traditional and contemporary agenda. As an urban arts practitioner, the journey into carving one’s identity in one’s artistic work is a treacherous and tumultuous one. At this point in time, my ongoing negotiation with the traditional-modern binary has found an equilibrium where I must develop, innovate and experiment with the currency of performance issues with an understanding of the tradition that has been rooted in me. I do not seek to romanticize nor do I seek to preserve traditional practices as is. I seek to carve out a modern Southeast Asian way of performing arts that is informed in history, with an acute awareness of the traditional.
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