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ArtikelModern Development of Thai Contemporary Art and Its Social Significance: Chalood Nimsamer and Printmaking  
Oleh: Takahama, Toshiya
Jenis: Article from Books
Dalam koleksi: Are We Up to the Challenge?: Current Crises and the Asian Intellectual COmmunity (The Work of the 2005/2006 API Fellows, page 142-151.
Topik: Bridging Tradition and Modernity; Printmaking
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Isi artikelThailand enjoys worldwide fame for its very high level of printmaking. It is fair to say that Thailand’s level of expertise is comparable to that of Japan, an advanced country in printmaking. Printmaking has been the mainstream of modern art in Thailand, whereas in the Western art world, it has been a trend on the margins of painting and sculpture. It is also a distinctive characteristic of Thai art that is not found in other countries that many Thai artists who have achieved international fame in advanced expression such as installation started their careers with printmaking. When looking at modern Thai art from a panoramic view to find out the reasons for this unique trend based on printmaking, an artist called Chalood Nimsamer1 stands out as the central figure behind this trend. He was born in 1929 and is still an active artist. He belongs to the last of a generation who went through a wave of rapid modernization in Thai art. He is an important artist who began Thai printmaking. This document attempts to describe this unique trend of modern Thai art from the viewpoint of printmaking by tracing Chalood Nimsamer’s activities and influences.
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