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ArtikelKey Players in Sustaining the Survival and Growth of Traditional Theatre  
Oleh: Nong, Said Halim Said
Jenis: Article from Books
Dalam koleksi: Are We Up to the Challenge?: Current Crises and the Asian Intellectual COmmunity (The Work of the 2005/2006 API Fellows, page 133-141.
Topik: Bridging Tradition and Modernity; Traditional theaters
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Isi artikelIn the concluding chapter in his book, Ghulam Sarwar Yousof (1992) wrote about the problems faced by traditional theatre in Malaysia. Some forms had already disappeared, while others, including the major ones like Wayang Kulit, Makyong and Bangsawan were on the decline. The number of practitioners was steadily decreasing and performances were becoming rarer. Professor Ghulam pointed out that this phenomenon was due to several types of problems:1. social and economic problems; 2. religious factors; 3. problems connected with administration; 4. educational factors; 5. content; and 6. problems associated with transmission.
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