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ArtikelTechnically Speaking: Transforming Language Learn- ing through Virtual Learning Environments (MOOs)  
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Dalam koleksi: The Modern Language Journal (sebagian Full Text & ada di JSTOR) vol. 85 no. 2 (Jun. 2001), page 210-225.
Fulltext: Vol 85 no 2 pp.210-225.pdf (2.68MB)
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Isi artikelThough MOOs (multiple user domains object-oriented) have found a limited use in some language courses, their potential for transforming the language learning classroom has not been fully recognized or valued. In Fall 1998 and 1999, the authors teamed up to teach the first language course conducted almost entirely using a MOO and involving a 7-week exchange between students learning German at an American college and advanced students of English at a German university. Drawing on their experiences, the authors systematically map out the tremendous pedagogical benefits to using a MOO for language learning: a student-centered learning environment structured by such objectives as peer teaching, autonomous learning principles, intellectually rich content-based instruction, individualized learning, and play. In addition to offering a model for the successful integration of technology into the classroom, this article suggests how MOOs can help achieve the long-sought goal of securely anchoring intermediate or even elementary language learning back into the liberal arts curriculum.
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