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ArtikelPerforming blackness, forming whiteness: Linguistic minstrelsy in Hollywood film  
Oleh: Bucholtz, Mary ; Lopez, Qiuana
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Sociolinguistics (Full Text) vol. 15 no. 5 (2011), page 680-706.
Topik: African American English; language crossing; masculinity; mock language; performance; race
Fulltext: Bucholtz_Mary.pdf (204.83KB)
Isi artikelThe ideological and indexical aspects of linguistic representation have been extensively examined in contemporary sociolinguistics both through investigations of language crossing in everyday interaction and through analyses of mediatized linguistic performances. Less well understood are the indexicalmeanings achievedwhenlanguage crossing itselfbecomesthefocus of linguistic representation. One prominent instance of this phenomenon is the use of African American English by European American actors in Hollywood films as part of what is argued to be a complex language-based form of blackfaceminstrelsy. As mock language, linguisticminstrelsy in such films involves sociolinguistic processes of deauthentication, maximizing of intertextual gaps, and indexical regimentation of the performed language, but unlike earlier forms of minstrelsy these performances are typically problematized within the films as transgressions of the ideology of racial essentialism. In the two films analyzed in detail in the article, linguistic minstrelsy is shown both to reproduce and to undermine the symbolic dominance of hegemonic white masculinity.
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