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ArtikelProspek Terapi Sel Punca untuk Cerebral Palsy  
Oleh: Merlina, Maurin ; Kusnadi, Yuyus ; Artati
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Cermin Dunia Kedokteran vol. 39 no. 10/198 (Oct. 2012), page 744-748.
Topik: Cerebral palsy; regeneration; stem cell; therapy
Fulltext: 07_198Prospek Terapi Sel Punca untuk Cerebral Palsy.pdf (139.0KB)
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Isi artikelBrain damage in cerebral palsy (CP) decreases patient’s motor function and quality of life. To date, CP management is largely focused on physical therapy, without touching the root of problem, the brain repair. Before the concept of stem cell therapy is introduced, the regeneration of permanently damaged neurons thought to be impossible. Nowadays, researches that reveal the potential and applications of stem cells become a new hope for people with CP. Various studies and clinical trials conducted in many countries search for the safest and most effective methods of stem cell therapy for CP patients, who are mostly children. Stem cell therapy seems to have a good prospect in CP management in the future.
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