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ArtikelJeff Bezos: The Ultimate Disrupter  
Oleh: Lashinsky, Adam
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Fortune vol. 166 no. 9 (Dec. 2012), page 42-49.
Topik: Pro-Customer; Amazon; Business Strategy; Consistent Earning Growth
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Isi artikelHe's a pro-customer, tightfisted risk-taker who is conditioning Wall Street to embrace his erratic earnings. If you're running a business with high margins -- watch out. Jeff Bezos has always done things his own way, whether he's ignoring Wall Street's pleas for consistent earnings growth or requiring his top people to construct artfully written missives or launching seemingly disparate businesses -- all at razor-thin margins. Only there's nothing random about Bezos's strategy. Indeed, like the memos he makes his managers write, his moves are driven by clear thinking and a cohesive vision, even if it takes a while for rivals to figure out Amazon's motives -- at which point it may be too late.
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