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ArtikelReformasi Lingkungan Melalui Reformasi Birokrasi Pemerintahan Dalam Perspektif Modernisasi Ekologi  
Oleh: Saefulrahman, Iyep
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan no. 39 (2012), page 123-136.
Topik: Enfironmental Damage; Environmental Reform; Bureacracy Reform; Ecological Modernization
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Isi artikelThe environmental damage has benn an important issue and it needs to get attention from government, businessman and community. Their attention required because all of them although they have difference in reason and orientation contributes to the environmental damage, either directly or indirectly. Their behavior and attitude on environmental is the main cause of environmental damage. It can be seen from their tratment on the utilization of natural resources that do not heed preserved. A result of the environmental damage inflicted not only on the environment itself but also in the human lives due to catastropic. The environmental reform being a thing that could not be postponed again to save the environment and minimize the occurrence of disasters caused due to environmental damageand bureaucracy reform in the ecological perspective can be alternatively to realize it. This perspective is aimed not at institutional change but more on the role, position, and performance of goverment is geared to government ethics aspect as well.
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