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ArtikelMengukur Pengaruh Teknologi Informasi Atas Fungsi Produksi  
Oleh: Djunaidi, Harjanto
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Manajemen Prasetiya Mulya vol. II no. 3 (1994), page 45-50.
Topik: Teknologi Informasi; teknologi informasi; fungsi produksi
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Isi artikelThe purpose of writing this article is to lay a theoretical foundation that can be used to measure the effects of using information technology on a firm's level of output. Intuitively, we can say that, using information technology will increase a firm's production. In practive, however, the significance of the effect of information technology on the level of output is still unknown. It will differ from one industry to another, may be from one company to others. Knowing what is the return from applying information technology will help companies to decide how sophisticated a system is needed and how much money to invest in information technology. In this study, technology includes not only the hardware or software that a company has, but also the average level of knowledge a company's employees have. Increasing competition both in the local and international markets, and even more improtantly, in the global market, makes it more relevant for companies to know what their production function is. Knowing the production function wll help the companies in making strategic decisions such as how much money to invest not only in information technology but also in other matters. Without knowing the above information, companies will make poor, even wrong investment decisions. Therefore, companies should know their production function and how information technology affects it. In this study, the author explains the importance for companies to know their production function. The author also tries to measure the effects of applying information technology to a firm's production function. Econometrics analysis is used as a tool to analyze the effects of using information technology on the firms' production. The "chow test" and the "dummy variable" approach can be used to answer the above questions. The pueposed model can also be used ot test whether a minimizing inventory cost behaviour has been applied consistently in a company.
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