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Artikel"We Only Receive back the Bodies": Balochistan  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 403 no. 8779 (Apr. 2012), page 30-31.
Topik: Rebellions; Geographic Profiles; Regions; Murders & Murder Attempts; Minority & Ethnic Groups; Violence; Conflict
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Isi artikelBalochistan is a vast, thinly populated province of deserts and mountains in the west of Pakistan. Balochistan has waged an on-off revolt against Pakistan, which has seen hundreds of mutilated bodies dumped on roadsides, thousands of people go missing and revenge killings by security forces and by competing tribal and religious factions. Balochistan, with 9m out of Pakistan's 180m people, covers 44% the country's territory and contains its most valuable deposits of gas, copper, iron ore and oil. Yet Balochistan is the country's most impoverished province. The Baloch are convinced that they are being exploited to death by the country's dominant ethnic group, the Punjabis. The current crisis is taking on wider ramifications. In February an American congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, submitted a resolution to Congress calling for "self-determination" for Balochistan. The proposal--not voted on--caused uproar in Pakistan. Since July 2010 over 300 battered corpses have been flung on roadsides and in remote areas across the province. Baloch activists and human-rights organizations believe these men, insurgents and activists, were victims of a "kill and dump" policy run by the Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force that works with the Even more people simply go missing. Baloch activists believe that students, doctors, lawyers and others among the province's educated class are being targeted. The violence is cascading. Baloch separatists have been on a killing spree of their own.
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