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ArtikelA Paradigm Shift from Monitoring the Amount of Variation into Monitoring the Pattern of Variation in SPC  
Oleh: Nishina, Ken ; Higashide, Masanobu ; Hasegawa, Yuki ; Kawamura, Hironobu ; Ishii, Naru
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2011, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 27-30 September 2011, page 1-9.
Topik: T 2 -Q control charts; principal component analysis; multivariate control charts; Mahalanobis distance; semiconductor manufacturing process
Fulltext: JP36_Nishina_fullpaper.pdf (396.91KB)
Isi artikelIn the semiconductor manufacturing process, it is important to planarize the wafer surface; for example, in etching processes, chemical mechanical polish processes, deposition processes and so on. In such processes, the pattern of variation on the wafer surface has to be monitored rather than the amount of variation. In this paper, T 2 -Q control charts are applied to monitoring the pattern of variation. But practically T 2 -Q control charts have to be modified. It is proposed that the principal component analysis is integrated into T 2 -Q control charts and the statistical performance of Q charts is examined by comparison with multivariate control charts using Mahalanobis distance.
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