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ArtikelIdentification the Relationship between Individual Tacit Knowledge With Company's Competitive Advantage (Case Study: R&D Division in PT X Tangerang)  
Oleh: Rumanti, Augustina Asih
Jenis: Article from Conference Paper
Dalam koleksi: International Seminar on Business and Management, Bandung, 27-28 April 2011
Topik: Individual Tacit Knowledge; Competitive Advantage; Individual Target; Partial Least Square(PLS)
Fulltext: Identification Relationship - Tacit Knowledge - Augustina Asih.pdf (7.05MB)
Isi artikelThe competition among companies in business and industrial world is getting higher, each company must able to optimize their competitive advantage to survive and face the competition. One of the factors that affect the company's competitive advantage is individual tacit knowledge. PT. X is a manufacturing company that produces baby daily needs which doesn't currently have a significant problem in their life cycle. Research and Development division was chosen as research object because there is much innovation that comes from individual in this division. This research's objective is to identify the influence also the correlation between individual tacit knowledge in R&D division with company's competitive advantage and other factors that become it source. Instrument that used is questionnaire with PLS (Partial Least Square) as data processing tools. PLS able to identify the correlation and influence between indicators from tacit knowledge construct, competitive advantage construct, and individual target construct. The result of this research (case study) shows that there are indicators which have a good enough validity and reliability, but some indicators don't have correlation and influence with their construct. This research also shows that tacit knowledge doesn't have a positive influence in creating a competitive advantage, but have a positive influence in achievement process of individual target. This result indicates that the tacit knowledge of every individual in the company needs to be considered by the company to achieve its optimum competitive advantage.
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